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Desktop CNC Cutting Machine

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Product Description
1. The whole machine adopts desktop gantry structure, bilateral drive, XY axis track adopts precision cylindrical linear guide rail, and the transmission system adopts precision rack and pinion transmission, which runs stably.
2. The bed adopts a fully welded structure, and the track base is precision machined by a large planer, which has the characteristics of high strength, high precision, and no deformation.
3. The beam, side plate and all moving parts are made of aluminum alloy precision casting and precision milling, which have the characteristics of high strength and light inertia.
4. It is equipped with a closed environmental protection bottom tank and a smoke and dust treatment system as standard, with a dual fan exhaust design, one end supplies air, and one end exhausts, so that the cutting field environment is cleaner and the air is fresher.
5. Unique breakpoint and power-off processing function, no matter the cutting process is broken or power-off, it can retreat and advance along the cutting track to improve the utilization rate of the entire sheet.

Desktop Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting machine

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